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The Poignant Tale of Pockets

Author: Devika Verma, April 2021

My friend recently bought a new dress.  Very enthusiastically she asked me, “guess what’s the best thing about this dress?”, and instantaneously she yelled: POCKETS! Meanwhile, I was wearing a pair of jeans that could barely fit my tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, let alone a six-inch smartphone. We felt joyful as if we’d found a $20 bill in a long-forgotten jacket. At that moment, I realized how sad it is that two adult women are excited to have pockets—in 2021. 

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Women vs. Great Power Politics 

Author: Natasha Athab, April 2021

The Secretary General’s role is seen to be a symbolic position that aims to pursue the interests of the people, in accordance with the ideals of the United Nations and the Charter. Article 97 of the Charter states “The Secretary-General shall be appointed by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council” (United Nations, 1945).

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Cell Phone Use and Women’s Financial Inclusion: A Statistical Analysis

Author: Dillan Jacobson, 2019.

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“This study examines the relationship between women’s use of cellphones and the level of financial inclusion of women in a country; specifically, whether the level of financial inclusion of women in a country is affected by women’s use of cellphones.”
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