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Is Covid-19 a Biological Weapon?

Author: Gabrielle Udell, March 2021

Image by Pixabay

Due to the pandemic’s economic consequences, and the immense fear and instability it has caused, there is much speculation as to whether Covid-19 is and/or can be used as a biological weapon. To determine the lengths to which this is true or untrue, one should understand the comprehensive definition of biological weapons by analyzing how they’ve been used historically and evaluating whether the threats and properties of Covid-19 resemble those of biological weapons.

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Is Populism a Threat to Security?

Author: Kaitlyn Read, 2019.


“…it is clear that currently, populism is on the rise while the liberal world order is in retreat (“Liberal World Order” 2). In places like Hungary, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the US, populist movements are garnering significant support, leading to the election of populist leaders whose platforms espouse the dismantlement of liberal institutions and the disenfranchisement of minorities.”
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Sex Education as a Human Right and How United States Law Is Denying its Citizens

Author: Caro Confort, 2019.


“Currently in the United States, legislation concerning sex education in schools is created at the state level, rather than federal. This means that there are no laws creating a nation-wide standard with which all sex education curricula must be held. As a result, sex education in the US is incredibly problematic and must be critically evaluated.”
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One Percent 2.0

Author: Brendan Chrzanowski, 2019.


“Save for the occasional discussion regarding the abuses of the GWOT, such as torture, invasion of privacy, and extraordinary rendition, there is little substantive dialogue concerning the Doctrine (Herman). Nevertheless, it appears as though the “1%” policy, or something similar, retains relevance when considering the present national security environment…”
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Blurred Lines: The Elision of Military and Civilian Roles

Author: Thomas Whang, 2018.


“In her highly absorbing political treatise-cum-memoir, How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything, Rosa Brooks describes the ways civilian control of the military has perhaps eroded to a precarious degree as the demarcations separating the military and civilian spheres become increasingly indistinct…”

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Thoughts on Globalization and Why the Counter Revolution Against Globalization in the United States is Doomed to Fail

Author: Edward Goldberg, 2017


“In 2016, I wrote a book entitled The Joint Ventured Nation: Why America Needs a New Foreign Policy. The Joint Ventured Nation was about globalization: putting it into historic context, and how America’s foreign policy needed to adjust to that change…”
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