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Trump Immigration Policy and the Biden Transition

Author: Trevor Johnson, November 2020

This paper examines and reflects on the Trump administration’s immigration policies and their impact. The piece concludes with recommendations to the newly elected Biden administration, on what must immediately be done to restore some semblance of integrity to the United States’ immigration system in order to continue to protect people in a manner which exceeds minimum standards of dignity and respect for human rights. 

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One Percent 2.0

Author: Brendan Chrzanowski, 2019.


“Save for the occasional discussion regarding the abuses of the GWOT, such as torture, invasion of privacy, and extraordinary rendition, there is little substantive dialogue concerning the Doctrine (Herman). Nevertheless, it appears as though the “1%” policy, or something similar, retains relevance when considering the present national security environment…”
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Feminist Foreign Policy – An Unhappy Marriage?

Author: Elizabeth James, 2019.


“Using Sweden and Canada as case studies, this article will explore the character of feminist foreign policy to date, the broader implications of shaping a transformative approach to policymaking, and the inherent contradictions of heteronormative masculine states enacting gender radical governance.”
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