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Can Ghana Avoid the Resource Curse? The Implications of Oil on Democracy and Economic Prosperity

Author: Cordelia Owusu, 2018.

ghana oil

“With the discovery of oil, Ghana is now presented with an important question: will its new-found oil reserves prove to be a blessing or a curse? The discovery of the oil reserves has given some the hope of economic prosperity, and others great apprehension”
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Cyberoperations, Cyberattacks and Cyberwarfare: Dangers Posed by Ambiguity and Uncertainty in the International Regulatory Framework

Author: Clayton Cheney, 2018.


“The rapid development of information and communication technologies over the past several decades have created numerous opportunities and challenges for governments around cybersecurity, encompassing a wide range of issues from cybercrime – in the form of theft or exploitation – to cyberwarfare between states…”
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Blurred Lines: The Elision of Military and Civilian Roles

Author: Thomas Whang, 2018.


“In her highly absorbing political treatise-cum-memoir, How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything, Rosa Brooks describes the ways civilian control of the military has perhaps eroded to a precarious degree as the demarcations separating the military and civilian spheres become increasingly indistinct…”

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