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Book Review — The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age By David Sanger

Author: Lukas Mejia, May 2020.

“In The Perfect Weapon, David Sanger presupposes that the onset of modern cyber technology is changing how state-to-state conflict is approached today. In a world where we progressively see a reduction of human input on devices through the increased digitization and connectivity of things…new avenues of exploitation continuously emerge for cyber threat actors.  Just over a decade ago cyber technology did not make an appearance on the list of threats within the annual US Worldwide Threat Assessment. Now, it assumes the highest and most pressing position (Coats, 5).”

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Understanding the Future of War: A Book Review of LikeWar – The Weaponization of Social Media

Author: Marine Ragnet, May 2020.

“During the course of the book, the authors detail the tactics likely to be most effective in the online battlefields of the future. The nature of social media reflects the classic “marketplace of ideas” where emotions are knowingly manipulated, amplified and distorted to socially condition populations across the world.”

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Blurred Lines: The Elision of Military and Civilian Roles

Author: Thomas Whang, 2018.


“In her highly absorbing political treatise-cum-memoir, How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything, Rosa Brooks describes the ways civilian control of the military has perhaps eroded to a precarious degree as the demarcations separating the military and civilian spheres become increasingly indistinct…”

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Thoughts on Globalization and Why the Counter Revolution Against Globalization in the United States is Doomed to Fail

Author: Edward Goldberg, 2017


“In 2016, I wrote a book entitled The Joint Ventured Nation: Why America Needs a New Foreign Policy. The Joint Ventured Nation was about globalization: putting it into historic context, and how America’s foreign policy needed to adjust to that change…”
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