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A “Global Zero” Program: Can it Counter the Emerging Threat of Nuclear Terrorism?

Author: Syeda Samrah Alam, April 2020.

“Seeking a complete elimination of nuclear weapons to address the threat of nuclear terrorism might not be possible, let alone the best option. This is because there are enormous challenges and difficulties associated with proposing and implementing the program. These challenges could make it almost impossible for Global Zero to combat nuclear terrorism.”

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ISIS Recruitment of Youth via Social Media

Author: Makenzi Taylor, February 2020.

social media2

“This wide demographic of ISIS recruits reveals just how vulnerable and impressionable youth are, while demonstrating the groups’ effectiveness at recruiting via social media. This article examines ISIS’s recruitment strategies through social media during both its reign in 2014 and after it lost control of territory in Syria and Iraq in 2017.”

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Citizenship Stripping as a Counter-Terrorism Tool and its Consequences in the United Kingdom

Author: Makenzi Taylor, February 2020.

A stock photo/rendered image of a hand print with the UK flag design.

“Rendering individuals stateless and revoking citizenship is not a new phenomenon, but the UK has revived a trend from the past: stripping returning foreign fighters of their citizenship, leaving some of them abandoned and stateless.”

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Addressing the Return of ISIS Female Foreign Terrorist Fighters

Author: Gabby Silberman, January 2020.Gabby article pic.jpg

“The phenomenon of individuals joining foreign terrorist groups is nothing new, however, it has not been seen at such a large scale. Now countries are left to determine how to handle foreign terrorist fighters who want to return home. This paper aims to address the issue of returning female foreign terrorist fighters from ISIS and the different policy avenues Western countries can implement.”

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No Paradise for Refugees in the Caribbean: The Challenges Faced by Venezuelan Refugees in Trinidad and Tobago

Author: Milene Carvalho, 2019.


“Trinidad and Tobago, located by just 6.8 miles (11km) from the Venezuelan coast, has received the highest number of refugees in the region, with approximately 60,000 Venezuelans reaching the country of 1.3 million people (Otis). Despite the high number of arrivals, Trinidad and Tobago has been failing to provide legal protection to Venezuelans, leaving them in a legal limbo and vulnerable to exploitation and abuse…”
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Is Populism a Threat to Security?

Author: Kaitlyn Read, 2019.


“…it is clear that currently, populism is on the rise while the liberal world order is in retreat (“Liberal World Order” 2). In places like Hungary, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the US, populist movements are garnering significant support, leading to the election of populist leaders whose platforms espouse the dismantlement of liberal institutions and the disenfranchisement of minorities.”
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One Percent 2.0

Author: Brendan Chrzanowski, 2019.


“Save for the occasional discussion regarding the abuses of the GWOT, such as torture, invasion of privacy, and extraordinary rendition, there is little substantive dialogue concerning the Doctrine (Herman). Nevertheless, it appears as though the “1%” policy, or something similar, retains relevance when considering the present national security environment…”
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Cyberoperations, Cyberattacks and Cyberwarfare: Dangers Posed by Ambiguity and Uncertainty in the International Regulatory Framework

Author: Clayton Cheney, 2018.


“The rapid development of information and communication technologies over the past several decades have created numerous opportunities and challenges for governments around cybersecurity, encompassing a wide range of issues from cybercrime – in the form of theft or exploitation – to cyberwarfare between states…”
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