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Constructing Space: A Study of Power Arrangements in Space Developments

Author: DeLaine Mayer, April 2020.

“Space exploration and associated research initiatives do have important positive effects societally and culturally, including the development of multi-modal technologies, job creation, and nationalized or globalized realizations of human progress. However, economies of space exploration and resource utilization will replicate traditional power structures seen in historic environmental geopolitical arrangements unless those implicit in constructing New Space develop new arrangements.”

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Thoughts on Globalization and Why the Counter Revolution Against Globalization in the United States is Doomed to Fail

Author: Edward Goldberg, 2017


“In 2016, I wrote a book entitled The Joint Ventured Nation: Why America Needs a New Foreign Policy. The Joint Ventured Nation was about globalization: putting it into historic context, and how America’s foreign policy needed to adjust to that change…”
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