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Youth as a Catalyst of Change: Hong Kong

Author: Yani Aldrich, February 2020.

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“The Hong Kong youth have been catalysts for so much change in just the past seven years and they are still going forward in full force. Some youth leaders are even running for seats in the legislature (Yiu-man). As a youth-led movement, the Hong Kong protests have the power to change the future. Youth can take the necessary risks to fight back against Beijing’s continued advancements to diminish Hong Kong’s autonomy, they are innovative, and their passion leads the movement because they are fighting for the future and future generations.”

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Women in Tunisia During the Arab Spring: A Case Study for Inclusive Peacebuilding and Gender Reform

Author: Nicole Smith, 2019.

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“This research aims to uncover insights into how women’s roles within the peacebuilding process in Tunisia enabled continued participation and positive change, so that future conflict-impacted areas can use the country as a case study when implementing their peacebuilding frameworks.”

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Gender Inclusivity & DDR in Colombia: Recommendations for Achieving Women’s Empowerment and Sustainable Peace

Author: Michelle Dolinar, 2019.

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“In the context of Colombia, many child soldiers of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC) rebel group were processed through DDR facilities. Despite a concerted effort to disarm and demobilize child soldiers from the FARC and other armed opposition groups, the current failure of the DDR programs to reintegrate children is having lasting effects on peace building
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South African Democracy: Progression or Regression?

Author: Colin O’Brien, 2019.


“South Africa’s democracy was adopted before the country had addressed its development needs, making it an incredible feat to have sustained its core democratic principles since 1994. However, with enduring dire social and economic challenges amidst successive political instability and corruption, South Africa’s democracy appears to be on the brink of regression.”
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Education Structure and Policy as Barriers to Transitional Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author: Aaron Reynolds, 2017.

Sarajevo Memorial for Children Killed During Siege

“Interethnic conflict leaves communities and societies of a state devastated. Those involved in the war, and the many generations that follow, struggle to reconstruct their country both physically and abstractly…”
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