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Can Ghana Avoid the Resource Curse? The Implications of Oil on Democracy and Economic Prosperity

Author: Cordelia Owusu, 2018.

ghana oil

“With the discovery of oil, Ghana is now presented with an important question: will its new-found oil reserves prove to be a blessing or a curse? The discovery of the oil reserves has given some the hope of economic prosperity, and others great apprehension”
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Performing the “Just Princess Warrior”: Symbolism and Strategy in FEMEN’s Emancipatory Activism

Authors: Sylvia Maier and Jens Rudbeck, 2018.

Disclaimer: This article contains profanity and images of FEMEN activists protesting topless.


“”F*** Your Morals”, “Soldier of Freedom”, and “Naked War” are written in large letters across their naked torsos…”
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